How to reach your goals

How to reach your goals

When it is summer I am so much more motivated to go out and do something. So if you are looking for some motivation to reach your goals, here it is:

Get inspired

If you are thinking about being more healthy, loosing weight, reading more or doing more for your grades, you should start by getting inspired. You can think about what your goal is more specifically. Looking at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest could help you set a more specific goal.

Find your whys

If you have found your goal and it is something you really, truly want and live for there is no quitting. Something that really could help you is finding your whys and also the answers for them.

  • Why did you set this goal to begin with?
  • In what ways will your life be improved?
  • How will your life change?

Motivate yourself

There are many ways how we can motivate ourselves. You should try a few and than decide what works best for you. You can get motivated by looking at pictures of what you want to achieve, take before and after pics if you want to lose weight or get in shape. What really motivates me is having a partner or someone who has a similar goal, because you can encourage each other and keep each other from quitting. You should also try a different strategy if yours isn’t working anymore, so don’t be discouraged,  just be consistent and you will reach whatever you want to.

Get started

Getting out of your comfort zone is probably the most difficult part of it, but trust me ones you have started and even get just little results you will get so much more motivated. So don’t be lazy, get up and start right now and never look for excuses why you should not start!

Never give up

The most important thing is to never give up. It takes a lot of staying power to reach your goals, so do not be discouraged by small backlashes. Stay strong!

Remember your whys

You should also always remember your whys so ask yourself:

why you started, how will your life change and how will your life be improved.

By reminding those you will get so much more consistent, because you always know what you are doing this for, even if it gets difficult. To remember them you should write them down and for example set them as your phone background or pin them onto your mirror or above your bed.

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