Hair, Hair, Hair

At my school we have to do one week of work experience every year and this year I thought I would do something completely different and try being a hairstylist. Luckily my godmother owns a school that teaches hairstyling, so I got to go there and had an amazing week.


I had a great time  learning how to braid, straighten hair,  how to do curls and even wash hair the right way. Since it wasn’t a normal hairstylist, there were a lot of young girls, who were so nice and we had a lot of fun.


I really couldn’t do any braiding when I started, but I got better really fast, so even if you are not good with hair, this type of work experience could be great for you, because you learn something that you can use in your everyday life.


Akademie der Friseure Meininghaus

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