Discovering Hamburg day 1

My friend and me wanted to do a city trip this summer and we decided to go to Hamburg, because neither of us had ever been there before. We took off with the train in the morning almost without knowing anything about the city. When we arrived at Hamburg main station the weather was beautiful and I immediately started sweating under my heavy rain coat, which I took, because everyone told me that Hamburg was always windy and rainy. It took us almost half an our to get to our hotel because a woman told us the wrong direction. When we finally arrived, we left our luggage there, bought a city map and started to walk in the direction which looked best. We went to the historical Speicherstadt and the very modern Hafen city which both were beautiful. We sat near the water for a while and then went to the looking platform of the Elbphilharmony from which you have an amazing view over the harbour and the city. The tickets were for free, so I can really recommend doing it. Afterwards we decided to do a boat trip through the old and new parts of Hamburg. It was quite interesting but we got really tired so afterwards we went straight back to our hotel.


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