Trip to Kitzbühel

Trip to Kitzbühel

I have always known Kitzbühel as a place to ski, but this year we went there in summer and it was wonderful. We were really lucky because the weather was great and so warm. We stayed at a friends house and everyday we went to town to do some shopping. Kitzbühel has beautiful old buildings in a lot of colours and a lot of cute places to eat. I didn’t do a lot of shopping because most of the shops were so expensive, but it was still nice to walk through the town and take some pictures.

For lunch we went to a place called Pano. They offer a huge variety of different types of bread and spreads either cold or hot and a few salads and soups, which were all pretty good. It is perfect to have a snack with one of the delicious home made lemonades.

The second day my mum convinced me and my friend to go on a hike and even though it was a bit exhausting, we had a great view and eventually arrived at Hagstein, where we had a delicious dinner. I can really recommend one of the salads with either grilled chicken or fish and any dessert.

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