First days

I spent the last days before leaving with packing and it took so much longer than I had expected. I also had to say goodbye to all of my friends, which really made me think about my decision to come here, because it was so sad.

On Monday evening I took off to Birmingham with my family. We had great three days there, even though it was raining most of the time. Birmingham is the second biggest city in England and it is a wild mix of huge new shopping malls, business buildings and little old houses. We stayed in a place called St. Pauls House, which is a cute little hotel near the city centre, where a lot of shopping opportunities are, especially in a mall called Bullring. On our second day we had dinner at the restaurant Harborne kitchen outside of the city and I can highly recommend it, because the food was delicious and everybody was extremely nice.

On a sunny Thursday morning we rented a car and drove to my school, which is about twenty minutes outside of Birmingham. There was a induction program over the next two days, which really helped me to settle in, I had to do lots of administration activities, listen to lectures and unpack all the stuff I brought from home. I had busy few days but when school started on Monday we were given so much more information and things we had to do so I got even more busy, but it really helps to get to know the school and all the people living here.

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