First weeks of IB

When I came to visit this school, I was told that the IB Diploma was really challenging and everybody I talked about it told me that I would not have any more free time. I couldn’t really believe that because at home even at times when we had a lot of exams, I was never too busy and always found a way to do things quickly, so I wasn’t too worried about my time management here.

School started a few weeks ago with a lot of induction programmes and tests for new IB students. The director of IB had a speech of what we had to expect of the next two years of our live and what was expected from us. I really started to worry then, because the diploma programme includes next to six subjects for everybody, an extended essay, lessons in Theory of knowledge and a CAS program, which requires us to do a certain amount of creativity, action and service.

So now my days are packed: I have got school until 4 o clock, then one hour of activities and in the evening two more hours of prep time, when I have to do my homework. At most days I even have to do work afterwards and also on weekends.

But still I love going to school here and enjoy everyday. A lot of people might probably think that going to boarding school is like a punishment, but I chose to do it and can absolutely recommend to everybody who thinks about going to school in another country.

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