Favourite autumn trends 2017

Even if we don’t want summer to be over, autumn is coming faster than we think. Shops already finish their summer sales and put up the new winter stuff. To be honest I like the change of seasons and I am so glad that I live in a country where summer and winter are completely different. It gives me an excuse to by new clothes, create new outfits and follow new trends. It is also a perfect opportunity to clean your wardrobe and create more space for your new clothes. Click on the pics for links and let me know what your favorite trends are!

1. Classic autumn colour

Usually autumn is all about wearing darker colours for me again and I especially like burgundy, which is also part of every fashion show right now. Burgundy paired with bright red can be quite an eycatcher at the new York fashion week, but I prefer to wear it with basic colors like black and white.



2. Make the season more colourful

Speaking of bright red, I have seen it a lot recently in the shops and apparently designers want to make this years autumn a bit more colorful, because red is a big part of a lot of fashion shows. I think red looks good on most people, you just have to get a bit more confident about wearing it. If you not really sure about this trend you can also start just with a red lipstick or a red accessoires.



3. All time favourite

I am so excited that pale pink is still everywhere, because it is by far my favorite color and probably one of the only colours I wear through out the whole year. I know it is a really girly colour so probably not everyone is completely into it, but there are a lot of different ways to style it.



4. Sparkle and shine

As the days get colder and grey clouds are basically everything we see most of the time, designers chose to embrace this with a lot of metallic silver this year. No matter if just as a detail on a handbag or a whole outfit in this colour, if styled correctly it can add so much to an outfit.



5. Free your legs

My favorite trend this year is more wide leg trousers. After summer it often takes me a while to get used to where skinny jeans every day again. But now you can be trendy and comfortable with wider leg trousers. Just make sure you wear them with a more fitted top to balance the width.



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