Living away from home

The decision to go to school in another country was probably the biggest one I have made so far, because it did not just mean that I do another qualification, but also that I move out from home and just come to visit in holidays. I obviously had times when I was completely scared of it and asked myself why I decided to do it, but the last three months before I left, I was just super excited for my new experience. I have been away from home for six months before, so it wasn’t completely new for me to live somewhere else. But still, since I live in England, my live is completely different and I have learnt so much in the past few weeks and I feel so glad that I decided to do it. I just want to share some of my experiences with you about what it is like to live away from home.

The first thing you might think of is probably that moving out makes you more responsible, no matter how old you are, because you have to manage your life all by yourself. My school is really strict about things like going out on weekends and staying out at night so that is something I do not need to worry about myself, but even travelling alone and organising my day can be very stressful and helps  to become more independent.

Luckily I went through my whole homesickness phase when I went to Scotland two years ago, so that wasn’t a big problem for me anymore, but still living away from home will make you appreciate things you had just taken for granted before. Even if it is just the food, or sleeping in you own bed, when I came home for my half term , I was really happy about a few things I have never even thought about before. Also being sick when you are not at home is 10x worse. I had to go through this like probably everyone who moves to England.

Something really important is to keep in touch with your friends at home, because when you come home in holidays you do not just want to sit around without knowing what to do. It can be quite difficult for me sometimes, because school keeps me really busy and I barely have time to spend time with my friends in England so it takes a bit of effort to always keep in touch with home, but believe me, it is great to come home and know that you have people who are looking forward to see you again.

No matter how difficult it might seem at first you will learn a lot through living in another environment, even if it is just for a few weeks or months, it will make you grow up faster, become more responsible and independent and for me the best thing about living somewhere else is that you meet new people and have a great experience.


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